A magnificent Building Which Houses Classes. We Design With A Sence Of Precision
Machines And Farming Equipments We Do not Guess But Aim For Perfection
Water Melons Under Drip Irrigation Technology Is At Fore Front Of Agrarian Revolution.
Water Storage At Its Best We Harvest And Store Water Water Is Life And Should Be Conserved
A fish Pond Within The School Compound One Of The Three Fish Ponds With Thriving Fish Population

Different School Projects

Fish Farming

A Fish Pond With Tilapia Fish

Scientific Fish Rearing

We Use The Right Technology To Ensure That We Harvest Highest Number Of Fish.

Vegetable farming

A Banana Plantaion With Flourishing Banana Crops

Feeding The Future Generations

Our Bananas are developed using modern Technology to ensure that they give maximum yields.

Diary and Pig Farming

Diary Cows in Their Cowshed

For Meat And For Milk

With The Cows We Are assured of Constant Supply, We Also Keep animals for Meat.

Maize Farming

Maize Plantation

Feeding Our Students

Over One Hundred Hecteres are under maize Cultivation.This is enough to Feed Entire Star High School Community

Water For Life

Water storage project

With Huge Tanks, We Are Able To Store Enough Water To Be Used By Entire School.

We Do Also Harvest Water For Sustainable Care Of The Environment Through Tree Planting.

Fruit Farming

Mangoes, Passion And Watermelons

A fruit A day Keeps The Doctor Away

Fruits Supplements Our Diet To Ensure That Diseases Are Kept At Bay.

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